Our Projects

Baltimore Wharf

Gunfire was commissioned by C J O’Shea and Company Ltd to undertake fire stopping works on the luxurious Baltimore Wharf waterfront residential development, a mixed-use development located in London. The project, which took place over a duration of 3 months, aimed to provide fire protection to the building’s occupants by installing various passive fire protection solutions.

The Gunfire team installed double batt and mastic with mechanical fixings to builder work openings and letterboxes, which would prevent the spread of fire through any gaps or holes in the walls. In addition, shutters and compounds were installed to all risers, which are known to be a potential path for smoke and flames to spread in the event of a fire. The project also involved fire stopping through several concrete floor slabs, to prevent fire and smoke from spreading between different levels of the building.

The Gunfire team worked to a tight schedule, with the aim of minimising any disruption to the building’s occupants. All works were carried out efficiently and effectively, with minimal disturbance to the day-to-day running of the building. The end result was a building with improved fire protection, providing its occupants with increased safety and peace of mind.

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