Our Projects

Balaam House,

Gunfire was contracted by Sutton Housing to provide fire protection solutions for Balaam House, a 15 floor social housing block built in the 1960s. The main objective was to ensure the building complied with fire safety standards by installing fire door refurbishment and fire stopping in service risers. The project was completed within two months and focused on fire door refurbishment and maintenance to enhance the fire protection systems in the building.

The scope of works included fire stopping in the service risers on the stairwell to prevent fire from spreading from one floor to another. Fire door refurbishment was carried out on server riser doors, with new hinges, intumescent strips, intumescent grilles, and replacement of ply board with double-layer pink board.

The work was crucial for the safety of the building’s occupants as it provided the necessary protection from the spread of fire in the event of an emergency. The installation of the fire protection solutions ensured compliance with fire safety regulations, giving the residents of Balaam House peace of mind and the assurance that they are living in a safe and secure environment.

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