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Linear Gap Seals

Linear Gap Seals are an essential component in preventing the spread of fire and smoke through gaps in buildings.

These seals are made from fire-resistant materials and are tested to ensure they meet strict safety standards. In the event of a fire, the seals expand to fill any gaps, preventing the fire from spreading and giving occupants more time to evacuate safely. In addition to their fire-resistant properties, Linear Gap Seals also provide excellent acoustic insulation, reducing noise pollution between rooms and floors.

Linear gap seals are designed to fill these gaps and create a continuous barrier that prevents the spread of fire and smoke. Fire Resistant material used in Linear Gap Seals comes in the form of Fire Resistant Acrylic Sealant, Fire Resisting Silicone Sealant or an intumescent thermoplastic filled with flame retardants and binders situated in an elastomeric, acoustic rated foam, allowing for high movement.

What are Linear Gap Seals?

Linear gap seals are flexible, water-resistant, and intumescent. These seals create an effective barrier for door or window frames, as well as the junctions between compartment walls and ceilings. They’re a vital component in ensuring that fire barriers work effectively.

At Gunfire, we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to fire-rated joint systems. That’s why our team will work with you throughout the mobilisation phase to project handover to create the best possible fire-stopping solution for your project.

When should you install fire-rated seals?

It’s a good idea to install fire-rated seals anywhere there are gaps between elements in your fire compartmentation. Without sealing, these provide a route for smoke, fire and toxic gases to spread rapidly through a building.

Where should linear gap seals be installed?

You’ll often find linear gap seals:

  • Where a fire-resisting door or window frame meets a wall
  • Floor-to-floor joints
  • Wall-to-Wall joints
  • Wall-to-Floor joints
  • Horizontal and vertical joins between different compartments
  • Between lift doors and shafts
  • Between construction joints

What’s the ideal linear gap seal solution?

At Gunfire, we work with you to determine the best fire-stopping solution for your project. We take into account the following factors to select the right fire-sealing system:

  • The size of the gap or cavity.
  • Required fire-resistance rating.
  • The amount of movement requried.
  • Any insulation requirements.

We offer a comprehensive range of fire-resisting sealing systems for your fire-stopping needs.

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What types of linear gap seals are available?

We specialise in installing fire-resisting sealing systems for all types of buildings across multiple sectors. Our versatile fire-resistant seals and expansion joint systems deliver up to two hours of fire integrity as part of your passive fire protection:

Fire-resisting sealants

Fire-resistant sealants are typically used when you have smaller gaps due to poor fit. Fire-resistant sealant seals gaps fast for superior fire-resistant to smoke, flames and toxic fumes.

We use intumescent sealants that react to heat — these expand to fill small gaps, resulting in outstanding performance. Fire-resistant sealants are suitable for use on vertical and horizontal joins between fire compartments and sealing around door and window frames.

They’re also quick to apply and cure and are ideal for a wide range of substrates.

Fire-rated expansion joint systems:

Expansion joints allow for building movement due to wind sway and thermal changes. Fire-resistant joint systems ensure that you maintain fire integrity while meeting requirements for areas of movement. In addition, fire resistant joint systems improve acoustic and thermal performance.

Designed for use with rigid walls and ceilings, the linear gap seal expands when exposed to heat. These fire seals can also be used for fire-resisting penetration sealing.

Why might you want to choose this type of gap seal?

  • A versatile solution for sealing junctions between building elements
  • Suitable for voids up to 150mm
  • Rated for two hours of fire resistance
  • Resistance for two hours of fire resistance

Benefits of using Gunfire for installing fire resisting linear gap seals

Professionally installed linear gap seals are an essential part of your fire-stopping arsenal. They help reduce the risk of smoke and flames overwhelming a building in just minutes.

Our gap seals offer the following benefits:

  • Up to two hours of fire integrity
  • Allow for structural movement within a range of 25%
  • Swift & easy to install
  • Suitable for rigid floors and walls
  • 25-year assumed working life
  • Flexible, water-resistant and intumescent for a complete solution

Gunfire installations are third-party approved for fire safety compliance and peace of mind.

Why choose Gunfire for fire-rated seals?

With over twenty years of experience in the fire-stopping industry, our team has the expertise to deliver a bespoke passive fire protection solution for your new build or refurbishment.

Choose Gunfire, and you’ll work with a fully certified and approved installer for major fire-stopping products, including linear gap seals, Injectaclad, fire doors and more. What’s more, our third-party accreditations give you complete confidence in the quality of our work.

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Third-Party Accreditations

At Gunfire, we know that trust is everything when it comes to selecting a partner for your fire protection business. That’s why we’re committed to providing dependable and precise services that you can rely on. Our dedication to quality is evident in the third-party accreditations we’ve earned in the industry. You can rest assured that with Gunfire, you’re in good hands.