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Injectaclad is a graphite based sealant used to reinstate the performance of wall and floor cavity details, typically where cavity barriers have either been missed or inadequately installed.

Fire barrier solutions create a fire resistance safety window of anything between 30 minutes to 4 hours. This allows emergency services to get on top of the situation, prevents excess damage, and lets you evacuate the building quickly and safely.

What is Injectaclad?

Injectaclad is a revolutionary award-winning acrylic-based graphite sealant. Developed by leading fire protection experts, it can be used where linear gaps are present in hidden voids to stop fire and smoke from spreading through a building.

Injectaclad is an intumescent material which reacts to heat to seal any gaps. It can be pumped into wall and floor construction cavities to provide steel fireproofing and create a linear fire barrier. Installation is achieved using reinforcing mesh, pin supports, and a patented material application method.

Other benefits of an Injectaclad installation include:

  • Tested and approved to BS8414-1, and 1366 Part 4
  • Vertical and horizontal installation for ease of use
  • Ideal for irregular and uneven construction cavity types
  • Doesn’t affect plastic, metallic or sheathing components
  • Tested for compatibility with all major insulation brands
  • High expansion properties ensure reliable performance
  • Gas, smoke, air and watertight to reduce the spread of fire

Why use Injectaclad?

Injectaclad is a thoroughly tested, fire safety-compliant solution that saves time and money and minimises disruption. It can fill gaps up to 200mm wide as a retrospective solution. The Injectaclad system also allows for speedy and simultaneous installation across multiple elevations.

At Gunfire, we use Injectaclad as our primary injectable retrospective fire barrier. By utilising an injectable without removing construction materials, we can significantly speed up installation times for a cost-effective solution.

Injectaclad could be the right solution for your new build or refurbishment project if:

  • You need a time and cost-effective installation or upgrade to existing fire compartmentation solutions.
  • You’re looking for a fire barrier solution that Gunfire can install in situ.
  • Your building isn’t fire barrier compliant, and you need a retrofit solution fast.

Overall, it’s a fantastic solution for a range of buildings and project applications.

To discover how Injectaclad could be and effective solution for your building, get in touch today.

Injectaclad Installation

At Gunfire, we’re proud to be an approved contractor for the Injectaclad fireproofing system.

The installation process is straightforward and doesn’t require the removal of any external cladding. Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll open up holes at 2m intervals.
  • Stainless steel support pins will be inserted between the holes to support the reinforcing mesh sock that we install into the cavity.
  • Injectaclad will then be pumped into the cavity to the desired depth, creating a linear fire barrier.
  • Next, we’ll pump Injectaclad into the cavity to the desired depth, creating a linear fire barrier.
  • The holes in the face of the structure will be covered. If you’d like, you can even paint the Injectaclad barrier.
  • We always provide our clients with complete documentation of all remediation works and take recordings of all installation work for quality assurance purposes.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the installation process. We’re here to help!

Injectaclad Inspection and Maintenance

External cladding compartmentation poses a significant fire hazard due to the risk of fire spreading rapidly through any cavities. Fortunately, Injectaclad is a game-changer in terms of fire safety. However, it’s still crucial to schedule annual inspections.

At Gunfire, we understand the importance of maintaining your Injectaclad system. We can work with you to create an Injectaclad maintenance schedule or provide passive fire protection upgrades if your existing cladding design poses a fire risk.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact our friendly team today to schedule an inspection or discuss an Injectaclad solution.

Is Injectaclad Environmentally Friendly?

When it comes to building renovations, removing facades can create a lot of noise, dust, and waste. While some materials can be recycled, others end up in landfills. But with Injectaclad, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues! Our installation process involves creating small, neat holes to fill with the solution, so there’s no need to tear down any facades.

Not only is our process eco-friendly, but it also reduces noise pollution. We don’t use hydraulic breakers or other high-impact equipment, which means less disruption for you and your neighbors.

At Gunfire, we pride ourselves on offering a clean and swift installation with minimal disruption. If you’re looking for a fast and efficient way to achieve passive fire protection, get in touch with us today to learn more!

Protect your building with Gunfire and Injectaclad

Injectaclad is a game changer when you’re looking for a foolproof retrospective fireproofing solution. Fast, sustainable and hassle-free, our injectable solutions ensure passive fire protection compliance in a fraction of the time.

At Gunfire, we’re approved contractors for the Injectaclad system. So your Injectaclad installation will meet the highest standards for complete peace of mind. And with over 20 years in the fire-stopping industry, you can trust Gunfire to provide a bespoke fireproofing solution for your new build or refurbishment.

Protect your steel structures from fire with our professional Injectaclad services. Contact the Gunfire team today to learn more about our solutions and schedule an inspection.

Third-Party Accreditations

At Gunfire, we know that trust is everything when it comes to selecting a partner for your fire protection business. That’s why we’re committed to providing dependable and precise services that you can rely on. Our dedication to quality is evident in the third-party accreditations we’ve earned in the industry. You can rest assured that with Gunfire, you’re in good hands.