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Importance of Fire Stopping Measures

In the realm of construction and building safety, the importance of fire stopping measures cannot be overstated. Every year, fires pose a substantial threat to lives, property, and livelihoods.

Choosing the Right Fire Stopping Manufacturers

It is essential to choose the appropriate fire stopping manufacturers. At Gunfire, we adhere to a few golden rules.

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Limited Engagement with Manufacturers

Firstly, we typically engage with only 3 or 4 different manufacturers. This strategy ensures that our Quality Assurance Team and Operatives need not constantly adapt to new fire stopping systems from various providers. We meticulously select those companies capable of delivering efficient and effective technical support tailored to each site we manage. Understanding the reasons for selecting the correct fire stopping material manufacturer is vital.

Regulatory Compliance

Adherence to regulatory standards is imperative for fire safety in buildings. In the United Kingdom, building regulations mandate that fire stopping systems fulfill specific criteria to contain fire and smoke effectively, thus preventing their spread within a compartment. Selecting reputable fire stopping manufacturers ensures compliance with these regulations, reducing the risk of penalties for non-compliance and, more importantly, improving occupant safety.

Emphasis on Quality

Quality serves as the foundation of effective fire stopping. Inferior products or inadequate installation can compromise the integrity of fire compartments, rendering them ineffective when they are needed most. Reputable fire stopping manufacturers commit to quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process, from the sourcing materials to final product testing. By choosing manufacturers with a proven record of delivering quality products, you can guarantee that the fire stopping systems installed in your building will perform as intended in the event of a fire. Look for CE Marked (Conformite Europeenne) products that have undergone testing to an ETA (European Technical Assessment).

Comprehensive Support

Selecting the appropriate fire stopping products is a complex task that goes beyond just selecting items off a shelf. It requires expertise in the understanding of building codes, fire dynamics, and project specific requirements. Reputable manufacturers offer comprehensive support to professionals such as architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners. They assist in choosing suitable fire stopping solutions tailored to specific needs. Services range from design consultation to installation guidance and ongoing maintenance support. Collaborating with knowledgeable manufacturers guarantees that fire safety is prioritised throughout the lifespan of a building.

Leading Fire Stopping Manufacturers in the UK

Which companies produce fire stopping materials for the UK market? We will now dive into the leading manufacturers in this critical sector within the UK.


  • Protecta: Leading the way since 1993, we specialize in manufacturing evidence-based, high-performance fire protection products and systems that you can trust to perform well. Our UK and European chemists, engineers and technicians continue to lead the field in research, development and manufacture – and our market-leading range of passive fire protection is a direct result of their pioneering expertise. We continue to raise standards across our industry with our extensive range of passive fire protection, and fire and sound-resistant products. Our expertise and unwavering commitment to quality, safety and performance enable our customers to create safer environments for all – that’s why you can rely on Protecta.

FSi Promat

  • FSi Promat: Since 2000, FSi Promat have protected countless people and building from the dangers of spreading fires. Today FSi Promat is a market leader for innovation in fire protection. We are proud to improve fire safety standards. This expertise ensures every customer can expect a fluid experience, from development through to delivery.


  • Hilti: We develop and thoroughly test firestop products to provide additional value beyond firestopping and airflow control. Our firestop systems enhance the overall building performance in many areas. They meet the latest industry needs and are easy to install, retrofit and inspect. Our passive firestop solutions for hospitals help insulate the noise between rooms and from the street as they help reduce vibration transmitted through the structure. Thanks to the flexible nature of our products, our products can account for thermal or mechanical movements. The fabric-free and low volatile organic compound (VOC) solutions help you create a healthier environment in your building, complying with respected green building standards.


  • Rockwool: ROCKWOOL fire resilient solutions can slow the spread of flames, contain fires locally and stop them from spreading further. Robust stone wool insulation is a key component in fire-resilient buildings, as its fibres are non-combustible and can resist temperatures above 1,000°C. The fire protection qualities of our products help increase the safety of occupants – and protect nearby buildings too.


  • Quelfire: Our aim is not to provide the cheapest products on the market, but to provide the best value products with all the necessary support. Quelfire is an ISO 9001 certified company and a trusted brand that is renowned for its long-standing commitment to high-quality products, which are independently certified by Warringtonfire, a UKAS accredited certification body. Our core products are manufactured in our purpose-built premises in Sandbach which is centrally located in the UK. We carefully select raw materials and manufacture in strict compliance with established factory control procedures. We are also committed to working with our supply-chain partners to keep the cost of sourcing our products as low as possible. However, we are not willing to compromise on the quality of our products and their component materials. Whilst we try to offer competitive prices, the influence of many factors including the increase in prices of key raw materials, higher energy and manufacturing costs, and rising transportation costs also work to determine our end price.

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The above fire stopping material manufacturers are highly regarded in the market. They provide robust solutions and excellent technical support for contractors, ensuring that the selected products form a compliant and effective fire stopping system.