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Structural Steel Protection

Structural steel is crucial for any building project. However, it can be susceptible to damage in the event of a fire.

At Gunfire, we’re here to help you safeguard your structural steel from fire damage. Keep reading to discover how we can assist you or reach out to our team to chat about your building’s passive fire protection requirements.

What is Structural Steel Protection?

Structural steel protection is a crucial measure to safeguard the integrity of buildings from fire damage. It involves applying fireproof coatings to structural steel, which can withstand high temperatures for a specified period.

Our team of operatives are all CSCS certified and have extensive experience in fire-stopping. We take pride in delivering Third Party Accredited intumescent coating and steel encasement installations that meet the highest standards.

Protect your building with our reliable and professional structural steel protection services. Contact us today to learn more!

Types of Structural Steel Protection

Wondering how to protect your structural steel? There are two methods: reactive and non-reactive.

Reactive Coatings

Our fire-stopping technicians use intumescent coatings for steel fireproofing. These coatings react to high temperatures, insulating the steel and protecting against fire damage.

To ensure the correct resistance time, we follow guidelines set out in the ASFP Yellow Book and apply third-party coatings to the appropriate thickness based on the steel section’s weight.

Non-reactive Methods

Boards are a popular choice for fire protection in the UK, offering a clean, boxed appearance. Steel encasement is considered a dry trade that won’t impact other works. Boards can even be applied directly to unpainted steelwork for faster installation.

Manufactured boards offer guaranteed thickness and come in two types:

  • Lightweight boards (150-250 kg/m³) are cheaper but not suitable for aesthetic finishes.
  • Heavyweight boards (700-950kg/m³) can be used for decorative finishes where aesthetics matter.

No matter which boarding solution you choose, Gunfire ensures that the system is designed and tested to meet relevant building standards.

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Choosing the Right Structural Steel Protection for Your Project

Are you wondering which type of structural steel protection is best for your project? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

To determine whether reactive or non-reactive fireproofing methods are ideal for your needs, there are a few factors to consider. These include:

  • Level of Fire Resistance: What level of fire resistance is required for your project?
  • Shape and Size of Steel Sections: Consider the shape and size of any steel section and the perimeter exposed to fire.
  • Desired Aesthetic Appearance: Do you have a specific aesthetic in mind for your project?
  • Environmental Conditions: Take into account the temperature and humidity during installation.
  • Robustness: How robust does the steel protection need to be?
  • Potential Future Adaptations: Will your project require future adaptations?

Additionally, it’s important to consider how long the steel protection will last before needing major maintenance. Fire-rated joint systems can fill gaps or voids, preventing fire spread and improving acoustic performance.

When is Structural Steel Protection Necessary?

In England, there are specific regulations and standards that govern the fire protection of structural steel. These include:

  • Building Regulations Requirement B3(1), which mandates that a building’s stability must be maintained for a reasonable period during a fire.
  • Approved Document B, which outlines guidelines for structural fire resistance.
  • BS 9999, the code of practice for fire safety design.

At Gunfire, we take these regulations seriously and ensure that all passive fire protection installations meet these standards. So, if you need structural steel protection, you can trust us to get the job done right!

How does it work?

Intumescent coatings produce a desirable aesthetic appearance when you want to emphasise the architectural aspects of construction. In the event of a fire, this thin film thickness coating will expand rapidly and forms a char, which acts as an insulating barrier to the steel.

It’s important to remember that intumescent coatings must be applied to the correct thickness. For best results, a professional will need to carry out extensive thickness checks.

Alternatively, steel encasement is a durable and resistant solution. Fire boards are produced to strict tolerances under factory conditions, and the desired thickness is therefore guaranteed. Quick to install, our boarding solutions offer comprehensive fire protection and a streamlined appearance.

No matter what project you’re working on, we can help you determine the best fireproofing technique for your structural steel. We’ll work with you from pre-tender and planning to hand over so you can feel confident in your building’s safety every step of the way.

Steel encasement inspection and maintenance

As part of our steel fireproofing services, we also conduct steel encasement inspection and maintenance, including:

  • Substrate and environmental checks before, during and after application
  • Checking that intumescent coatings achieve the correct thickness
  • Ensuring that steel fireproofing meets the required fire-resistance standards
  • Checking boarding installation before, during and after work is carried out

Our highly qualified team of fireproofing operatives will make recommendations for any remediations and undertake necessary steel encasement maintenance. Contact Gunfire today to find out more about our structural steel fireproofing services.

Why choose Gunfire for steel fire protection?

Gunfire has the industry’s largest team of in-field fire safety compliance operatives. In addition, we boast over twenty years of experience in passive fire protection with third-party accreditations to support our work.

Our fire-stopping teams have the knowledge and expertise to create a bespoke solution for your next project. And working with us on a structural steel encasement installation gives you complete peace of mind for fire safety compliance.

Third-Party Accreditations

At Gunfire, we know that trust is everything when it comes to selecting a partner for your fire protection business. That’s why we’re committed to providing dependable and precise services that you can rely on. Our dedication to quality is evident in the third-party accreditations we’ve earned in the industry. You can rest assured that with Gunfire, you’re in good hands.