Fire Protection Services

Having supplied effective fire safety solutions in the residential, commercial and public sectors for over 22 years Gunfire can be trusted to deliver, it doesn’t matter whether your building is the tallest residential block in Europe (Landmark Pinnacle), a museum or a hospital or anything inbetween, we are here to help.

Our trusted life safety solutions and comprehensive range of fire protection services have been helping to protect people and property with the highest standards of passive fire protection for over two decades.

Our Fire Protection Services

Concerned about what might happen to your building and it’s occupants in the event of a fire? We can provide all the essential services below to keep everyone and everything safe.

Compartmentation Surveys

Fire compartmentation forms part of the requirement of the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005.

Cavity Barriers

Cavity barriers are passive fire protection elements that prevent flames and smoke from spreading.

Fire Barriers

Fire Barriers Systems are essential to prevent the rapid spread of fire in concealed spaces within a building where no wall or divide exists.

Fire Door Installation

Fire doors are a vital part of the fabric of a building and divide into individual fire compartments.

Fire Door Maintenance

Fire door inspections are recommended to ensure the safety of your building and people.

Fire Risk Assessments

A Fire Risk Assessment is a legal requirement if you are responsible for a building.

Fire Stopping & Penetration Sealing

Gaps and small openings allow fire and smoke to spread throughout buildings, leading to devastating results.


Gunfire is proud to offer Injectaclad as our primary injectable retrospective fire barrier for fire stopping purposes.

Linear Gap Seals

Linear Gap Seals are flexible, water-resistant, intumescent seals that expand when exposed to heat.

Structural Steel Protection

Passive fire protection materials insulate steel structures from the effects of the high temperatures generated in a fire.

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Third-Party Accreditations

At Gunfire, we know that trust is everything when it comes to selecting a partner for your fire protection business. That’s why we’re committed to providing dependable and precise services that you can rely on. Our dedication to quality is evident in the third-party accreditations we’ve earned in the industry. You can rest assured that with Gunfire, you’re in good hands.